Social work and end-of-life care

Social work is important in end-of-life care

Quick practical guidance for social workers on talking about dying needed

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The ‘New Route to Success’ guidance on social work in end-of-life care

The National End-of-Life Care Programme has published its guidance on social work in end-of-life care, featuring some very glossy-looking social workers; perhaps the co-sponsor, the College of Social Work, is trying to improve the image that way too.

It’s very comprehensive and a good text for students and for any of the post-qualifying courses that happen to include something on end-of-life care. As all of them should, but few of them will, because many adult social care departments will think that this is all too difficult and time-consuming for their form-fillers.

I fancy that for people who are working for such departments, it will be too detailed a guide to picked up and used in a work setting, more’s the pity because I think everyone in adult social care should be developing and using skills in end of life care. One of the problems is that it follows the National EOL Care Programme’s ‘six steps’, which takes you through the whole process of working with someone at the end of life, whereas some quick practical guidance on how to talk over issues about dying and ways of dealing with the obvious questions that people ask might be more helpful.

Link to the Guidance – you can download it from the Internet.

There is lots of other guidance from the Route to Success scheme, including sheltered housing, prisons, homeless people and many others; get them and other National End-of-Life Care Programme documents by clicking here.


Written by Malcolm Payne

24 July 2012 at 4:42 pm

Posted in End-of-life care

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