Social work and end-of-life care

Social work is important in end-of-life care

Long-term care needs to be reliable, with funding certainty: not a government priority

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In a useful comment, lawyer Richard Lodge from the solicitors Kingsley Napley comments on compensation claims against the NHS. Someone else has argued that calculating the costs of care through private provision is ramping up the costs, and NHS care should be the main basis for care, but is not accounted for, by law, in the calculations. Lodge points out that most care payments is for the activities of daily life and usually provided by social care, for which the disabled person has to make a contribution. In any case, nowadays and increasingly in the future, it is provided through private care agencies, so the costs are legitimate.

Link to Richard Lodge’s comment.

This is not just a lawyer justifying himself, but reflects a reality which is very little recognised by some people in the NHS and many policy-makers. Long-term care is usually social care, and the NHS with its focus on getting people through an illness, is not the right organisation to be concerned with long-term care. Continuing NHS care is supposed to provide for long-term healthcare needs, but is usually administered very defensively, so you cannot rely on it. Reliable long-term care is a huge commitment, which local authority social care services have to take on without any certainty about funding into the future. And we’re not getting certainty because the government thinks sorting out the economy is more important than reliable long-term care.


Written by Malcolm Payne

9 January 2013 at 10:40 am

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