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Domestic violence: there’s a lot of it about, it affects young people and it’s vital to intervene

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130412 Domestic violenceI came across an article about research on domestic violence, which contained some astonishing figures: or at least some people might think they were astonishing.

Dr Claire Fox said the research found that over half of the 1,203 Year 9 pupils had some direct experiences of domestic abuse, whether as victims, witnesses, or perpetrators. While on a date, just less than half of both girls and boys had been abused; a quarter reported carrying out abusive behaviour. Follow up focus groups revealed a range complicated attitudes towards domestic abuse by children, which went some way to explain the figures.

This document, rather stupidly I think, claims that compulsory education for school pupils in domestic violence will help to stop it. I rather think not, although I’m happy they should be more aware of it. My view is that if you want to stop domestic violence, then we all, and the public services, have to be prepared to intervene actively where you think it’s taking place.

But just look at the figures: that’s a huge proportion of young people who are experiencing domestic violence in their lives. Yet working on adult safeguarding in a hospice, I used to find people doubtful about the amount of domestic violence that was claimed to be going on. this also tells you very clearly that it affects young people in the families, which is an extra reason (aside from protecting the victims) why it’s important to do more about intervening and protecting the other people in the family. While I suspect they got these figures by a very broad definition of domestic violence, that not everyone would agree with, you only have to pay attention in your life to know that a good deal of it goes on.

Link to the article.


Written by Malcolm Payne

15 April 2013 at 11:21 am

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