Social work and end-of-life care

Social work is important in end-of-life care

Child visitors in adult care facilities- think it through

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130620 Jimmy S advice

Should celebrities be treated any differently to volunteer fundraisers who don’t have celebrity status? Why? What privileges (if any) should they be granted? Why?

This is a quotation from advice issued by a London firm of lawyers, which has several pages of questions that organisations ought to think about to make sure their policy and practices robust if they might have a Jimmy Savile in their midst. There is a review of NHS policy going on, conducted by a barrister, Kate Lampard – NHS staff can make comment to her on safeguarding, governance, celebrities and complaints and whistle-blowing: link below.

But since many voluntary organisations and many other caring bodies have celebrity involvement from time to time, their managements should be thinking about how they should handle problems that might arise. And that has implications for general safeguarding, volunteering and staff arrangements.

All hospices and care homes have children around from time to time, but they are mainly geared up for adults, and may not have thought too clearly about their responsibilities for safeguarding children who are visiting relatives.  Adults who are responsible for the children might well be stressed and coping with all sorts of pressures at the time. It’s all too easy to assume that other visitors to the hospice are good-willed, and leave your child in the waiting room or visitors lounge. But what if a visitor to a hospice mentioned to a member of staff that they thought it was wrong that another visitor was taking someone’s child off into the garden on their own? Would it be clear what the visitor should do to raise concerns? Would the staff member know what to do? If the staff member were a volunteer in the tea bar, would they know what to do?

Any management of any care facility needs to have thought it through and have appropriate processes and training in place.

Link to the Mills and Reeve legal advice document

Link to Kate Lampard, to make comment (you have to reply be the end of June):


Written by Malcolm Payne

20 June 2013 at 12:56 pm

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