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Personal Independence Payments (PIP) official info: includes stuff on the special rules for terminally ill people

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The government has produced some public advice about the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) which is replacing the Disabled Living Allowance for many disabled people, or not if you don’t meet their assessment. It continues to provide for people who would have got the Allowance under the ‘special rules’ (these are the rules that expedite payouts for people who are terminally ill, so that they get them before they die, and the system doesn’t have to tell them directly ‘you’re getting this because you’re dying’). Here are some links:

Link to the Info about the system and providers of the assessments

This includes a link to the ‘special rules’ information, and also information in Welsh. The providers include the controversial ATOS (who I see are expecting claimants to go mainly to their assessment centres, and who are making the decision about whether it will be ‘appropriate’ for them to do a home visit – in other words, who can tell what inconsiderate rules they will introduce) and Capita (not much less controversial, who are expecting a somewhat higher proportion of people to be visited in their own homes). People are being divided into geographical ‘lots’, which determine who provides their assessment and when.

Link to the general information for organisations that support claimants.


Written by Malcolm Payne

3 September 2013 at 5:29 pm

2 Responses

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  1. On page 3/4 of the guidance it says ‘the claimant can obtain one (DS1500) from their doctor, nurse macmillan nurse or social worker’.
    Considerable debate here about what the word ‘obtain’ means in this context. My understanding has always been that the the DS1500 is a medical ceritificate and can not be completed by a social worker. I have contacted the DWP for clarity – none forthcoming!
    Any thoughts?

    Emily Madsen

    20 September 2013 at 12:28 pm

    • Dear Emily

      Thank you for your e-mail regarding the information in the Personal Independence Payment Tool kit about who can complete form DS1500.

      Please note that the advice ‘claimant can obtain from their doctor, nurse, Macmillan nurse or social worker’ is incorrect. The form should only be obtained from the claimant’s doctor, however on occasion forms completed by a Macmillan nurse have been accepted.

      The fact sheet has now been amended to include doctors and Macmillan nurses only.

      When Special Rules for the terminally ill was introduced, the DS1500 was, and still is, a form for doctors to complete which is also noted on the form. I must stress that it is very important that a DS1500 be completed by someone with clinical experience, which is why on occasion we accept forms that have been completed by Macmillan nurses.

      I am sorry that this reply may be disappointing given your specialist role in palliative care.


      Emily Madsen

      25 September 2013 at 6:13 pm

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