Social work and end-of-life care

Social work is important in end-of-life care

Values is more than a collection of words

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140502 global values mapNoel Timms, the eminent social work professor researching values of the previous social work generation used to refer to ‘values talk’ (meaning saying how important your values are as a professional without actually working hard connecting this with the extensive [philosophical analysis). I came across an example of this.

Below is a link to a ‘Global Values Project’, which is quite a naive bit of collecting up random views about human values, based on a vaguely spiritual conception that we all have basic values as part of our human makeup. This is a dubious conception: I think that most people acquire their values from their personal and professional culture; claims that some values are natural, or basic to human life mistakes the importance of history, culture and indeed blind prejudice in creating our values. It is designed to sell you consultancy with an ‘accredited values professional ‘, whatever one of those is and whoever accredits them, to work on your values using some fairly basic pencil and paper exercises.140502 20 selected values

However, the graphic is quite a nice presentation of a lot of words concerned with values, and there is a version (right) that shows selected twenty values words, chosen as the most important by people involved in the project. These might allow you to apply your mind (or your team’s mind) to thinking about your values. Remembering that thoughtful use of values in working, perhaps especially on spiritual issues, means a lot more than just using words.

Link to the Global Values Project.


Written by Malcolm Payne

5 May 2014 at 1:55 pm

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