Social work and end-of-life care

Social work is important in end-of-life care

Improving long term #community_care is more important than expensive medical marvels: research needed in details of #social_work practice

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“Safety concerns cloud early promise of powerful new cancer drugs” –
This article from a financial news service illustrates a number of points. It’s of interest to people in palliative care, because so many people with cancer need end of life care with a lot of medical input and there’s a historical link between cancer medicine and palliative care. The article illustrates the detailed research and complexity involved in medical decision making in what to the outsider is a ‘give em the drug or not’ scenario. Would that we could have the same degree of research and understanding of the detail of social work. And the response of the financial journalist here, shows that what medical issues arise in financing health care is instructive in providing a different perspective to what we often hear (for insurance read NHS funding issues). And again, people die and will continue to do so and will need psychosocial help with this life transition no mater what expensive medical marvel the doctors come up with. The troubles in NHS emergency care at the moment remind us that it’s  good long term community care that counts most for most of us.


Written by Malcolm Payne

29 January 2015 at 11:11 am

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