Social work and end-of-life care

Social work is important in end-of-life care

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Different kinds of meaning help us understand what’s going on

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20140915 EJPC A quick post to give you a link to info on an article I wrote in the new edition of European Journal of Palliative Care. It’s on ‘meaning’ and argues that not everybody searches for meaning in their lives as they approach the end of life, and not every issue of meaning is a spiritual care one. This link is to a brief summary on the European Association of PC website, which links to the article in the journal (the brief is free but you have to have a subscription to the journal to read the full thing or go to a library). It says you can get a 10-minute subscription to download something you want, but it doesn’t say how much that costs; probably an unreasonable amount; but many people reading this will probably have access to a library that takes it.

Link to my article on meaning.